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Community Narcotics Enforcement Team


Surrounded by a host of print and broadcast journalists, Vernon County Sheriff Ron Peckman joined with members of other law enforcement departments and U.S. Assistant Attorneys in announcing the results of a multi-jurisdictional drug investigation conducted from December 2005 to August 2007. More than 38 pounds of methamphetamine were seized along with more than $100,000 in cash and other contraband. From left: FBI agent Adam Ruth, Barton County Sheriff Shannon Higgins, public affairs director for the U.S. Attorney's Office Don Ledford, assistant U.S. attorney Michael Oliver, assistant U.S. attorney David Rush, Vernon County Sheriff Ron Peckman and St. Clair County Sheriff Ronald Snodgrass attended the press conference, which was held in Springfield on Wednesday.

Barton County Sheriff Shannon Higgins announces in a press conference Thursday, March 6, the aftermath of a multi-jurisdictional drug bust and what the projected 2009 federal drug task force funding cuts would mean for area residents. Higgins was joined by several state and local officials including St. Clair County Sheriff Ron Snodgrass, Vernon County Sheriff Ron Peckman, Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Mark Harnell and Kansas Bureau of Investigation officer Frank Papish.