About Us

The Community Narcotics Enforcement Team Drug Task Force renders assistance to municipal police departments and other agencies throughout the counties. Because these agencies generally lack resources in manpower, specialized training, and specialized equipment, the unit is called upon to initiate and follow up on drug investigations on a regular basis. Narcotic investigations are initiated through information received from law enforcement agencies, Hot Lines, confidential informants, citizen complaints and arrested individuals. The unit is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Drug Task Force also provides drug education programs to schools and civic groups and promotes anti-drug behavior throughout the counties. A special effort is taken towards reaching children with these programs.

Although we recognize that total elimination of drug law violations and their satellite crimes of violence, theft, robbery and fraud are unlikely; it must remain our number one goal. Drug crimes are both a cause and an effect, which make them difficult to combat. While we ask our communities to be patient, persistent and dedicated to our goal, we must act swiftly and prudently in the public interest.

Our job is to protect the safety, dignity and property of our citizens. We must gain and maintain public trust. We must act when called upon. We must put personal interests aside for the betterment of the community as a whole. Above all else, we must wisely use the tools that our community has provided.

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Community Narcotics Enforcement Team